Wander your hometown? Why?

I’ll answer that question with a rhetorical one. Why would you not explore the place where you spend most of your time?

The raison d’être of this blog comes from two observations.

One: as much as I would love to start blogging about travelling, I have a regular job. That has many advantages, but comes with one considerable limit: only 25 days off per year. I spend those days on travelling as much as I can, but that still leaves about 47 weeks a year in which I have got nothing to write about.

Two: when I am visiting a place I don’t know, I go to visit all the highlights – the most important museums, the tasty restaurants… Back home, I tend to stay inside and cook my own dinners. Maybe because the daily hassles back home take up most of my time and energy. Maybe because the attractions are always available, so there is always, in the future a chance to visit them. So what happens? I don’t visit them at all…

Lately, I’ve been hosting a lot of couchsurfers. One of the fun things about that, is that they get me to places I wouldn’t think of going to myself. Museums I hardly knew existed, modern ballet shows, excellent beach parties… This blog is a way to record those experiences and my thoughts about it (along with some other things as well), both for myself and for people who intend to visit The Hague sometime in the near future.

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